Kevin is fresh back from Canada and working with YPT Toronto. They are producing his new play 'Minotaur'.


In London, Polka Theatre is producing the same script.


(Dyer's blend of Greek Legend and modern narrative is a potent one, filled with action, the possibility of violence, adventure and some terrifically scary and funny characters, including all 29 nephews of Athenian king Aegeus, who try to topple the ruler from power. Jim Kaplan, Toronto Now)


The third company in the tri-production is Clwyd Theatr Cymru - and the play will soon open there too.






Curious Mum

"This brilliantly commanding production successfully engages its young audience into complex adult themes such as those of war, revenge, courage, triumph and love."
"From the amazing sword fight to the entrance of the Minotaur himself, this play has excitement running through its veins!"
"Enigmatic, engaging and dramatic, Minotaur is everything your older kids will love."


Michael Coveney, What’s On Stage

"First Class… The 70-minute show, which is funny and inventive, has a Shakespearean dimension in its cycle of revenge and war-like gravitas, but is also "accessible" in a good way, showing how timeless themes colour and inform everyday actions."


A Younger Theatre

"Polka Theatre is famous for creating world-class children’s theatre, and they certainly don’t disappoint with Minotaur. It’s an action-packed, energised and beautifully designed production with a very talented cast
Touching and exhilarating… Minotaur is a great show for children, but adults will find themselves just as entertained and moved by the story."

The Stage

"This robust and original piece is about confronting demons, whether that means living with the fear of what is happening to your dad in a 2014 war zone or facing the Minotaur in the murky but terrifying depths of Greek mythology."


"It was a brilliantly innovative production which gave a classic Greek tragedy a contemporary twist… went a long way to make this play more accessible to the children for whom this production is intended."
"A fine example of a play one leaves feeling one's been educated but thoroughly entertained at the same time! One can't ask for more!"


Everything Theatre

"Excellent interpretation of Greek myth with a believable cast and relatable dialogue for a young audience. Slick stage presentation."
"A treat for any young person with a vivid imagination."


Remote Goat

"A dark and intensely exciting adventure

Superbly directed by Michael Fentiman this is a production to entice and enthral both children and adults."

Twelve Miles from Nowhere



‘Theatre Hullabaloo's Angel is an unqualified success… This is children's theatre at its best…’

British Theatre Review

'Angel' will retour in 2014 - including TakeOff, the International Festival of Children's Theatre.